Special Thanks

to our clients and Business Partners

Dear valued Customers and Business Partners,

we would like to thank you for more then
15 years of deep trust into our professional skills and the often challenging tasks of developing multi-layered business solutions of high complexity in international business environments. It has always been a pleasure working with fresh, fast and challenging minds like yours.

You have given us the opportunity to deliver results in more than 400 projects within a very broad coverage of industry sectors and countries. Our assignments have shaped our minds, personality and to a large extend the way we live and act. It is due to this very satisfying experience, that we would like to express our special thanks to all the people we worked with.

The international Top-Management Team of the Group has decided in the year 2008 to discontinue the highly integrated management consulting operations and to split up the company by core operations like Strategy Development, IT-Integration, Business Research, Business Continuity as well as
Management Recruiting and to liquidate the legal entity of BDGI in UK, Germany and Greece. For further questions or project inquiries please kindly contact your individual Director of Client Services.

Mirko Luebke
retired CEO)



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